Cupcake love at American Art

Portraits of Obama and Lincoln, in cupcakes

Our friends at the American Art Museum celebrated Valentine’s Day by inviting cupcake artist Zilly Rosen to create “A New Birth of Freedom,” a double portrait of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama made from more than 5,600 cupcakes. As you can see, each cupcake played a vital role as one “pixel” in the sugary work of art.

I was part of the lucky crowd that got to help “de-install” the work by eating the cupcakes. When the artist’s assistants started moving the “pixels” from portrait to plate to pass them out to the crowd, three floors of onlookers cheered those cupcakes. My husband commented, “that may have been the first work of art I’ve ever eaten.” Me too.

Read more about the event & see more pictures on SAAM’s blog and website.

what’s the most unusual event you’ve ever done at YOUR museum?!

Jen -about to eat a cupcake:     🙂

Jennifer about to eat (cup) cake 




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  1. justin hess
    justin hess says:

    HAHA,I saw this picture elsewhere and got a kick out of it!The other one just showed president obama.It’s nice to see both him and ‘the man’ Lincoln here.
    And I’m glad to see the cupcakes aren’t going to go to waste…

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