Affiliate Benefits

Smithsonian Affiliates enjoy these unique benefits:

  • A Dedicated Team
    The Smithsonian is a big place. The team at Smithsonian Affiliations can help you navigate it. We connect Affiliates with resources and opportunities that support their needs and goals, while also supporting Smithsonian priorities.
  • Collaborative Funding
    The Affiliations team actively seeks out funding that enables us to award modest financial support to Affiliates to work with the Smithsonian on specific education programs, typically connected to Smithsonian-wide priorities. In the past two years, we have awarded more than $400,000 to 60+ Affiliates to conduct or participate in programs in collaboration with Smithsonian colleagues on diverse topics such as astrophotography, women’s history, climate change, the Puerto Rican diaspora, paleontology and evolution, and creating digital access to collections. Note that funding is available only for select projects and awarded through a competitive process; not all Affiliates that express interest in an opportunity may receive funding.
  • Professional Development
    Affiliates enjoy robust professional development opportunities. The annual Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference offers networking, inspiring sessions, and access to Smithsonian and Affiliate colleagues. Office Hours allow Affiliates to connect with one another in an informal, virtual setting to discuss current issues, exchange ideas, and collectively brainstorm and problem-solve. The Smithsonian Affiliations Visiting Professionals Program is offered periodically and offers selected candidates a stipend to develop their professional skills through an immersive, cohort-based experience.
  • Special Access
    We can connect you with Smithsonian staff or other Affiliates who can share expertise, provide capacity building support, and more.
  • National Promotion
    Only Affiliates can use the Smithsonian Affiliate logo and tagline, “in association with the Smithsonian Institution.” Affiliations works to promote Affiliates and their collaborations , through electronic publications, its blog, and social media, particularly as these activities support Smithsonian initiatives.
  • Membership Benefits
    Affiliates have the exclusive opportunity to offer discounted Smithsonian membership to their members. Affiliate Reciprocal Membership Benefits are also available, connecting members at participating Affiliates to the broader Affiliate network.
Three people lean over a table and peruse a family photo album during a Save Our African American Treasures program.

Save our African American Treasures, a program from the National Museum of African American History and Culture, traveled to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, AL).