Affiliate Reciprocal Membership

Reciprocal Membership Member Benefits

  • Free Admission for two
  • Member discounts on purchases made on the premises for concert and lecture tickets
  • Discounts in gift stores

Reciprocal Membership Affiliate Guidelines

  1. Reciprocal privileges do not include mailings from other reciprocal organizations.
  2. There is no fee for Affiliates to add the reciprocal benefit to their membership offerings
  3. Participation in the reciprocal program continues on an annual basis from year to year. The program is limited to the Affiliate organizations’ Smithsonian Affiliate members only. To discontinue participation in the reciprocal program, the Affiliate must submit a written form to Affiliations in January in accordance to the annual cycle.
  4. Each Affiliate is responsible for marketing and promoting the Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership information to its own members.
  5. To join the reciprocal network, complete the registration form and return by email or fax.
  6. For answers to our most frequently asked questions, please reference the Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Program FAQs.

Reciprocal museum visitors image

Visit more than 50 Affiliates through the Affiliate Reciprocal Membership program

Simply present your Smithsonian Affiliate Membership card when visiting any of these participating Affiliates and enjoy special discounts and benefits.

The Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership Program is a network of Smithsonian Affiliate organizations which have elected to participate in the reciprocal program and offer reciprocal benefits to other Smithsonian Affiliate members. Smithsonian Affiliate members from an Affiliate organization who present a current Smithsonian Affiliate membership card are entitled to benefits at participating Affiliate organizations.

For more information about participating in the reciprocal program, contact Natalie Wimberly (202) 633-3021;