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Do you qualify for stimulus funding?


Searching for research funding? Grant opportunities are available! The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has budgeted for numerous grant funding opportunities representing agencies government wide. Each agency has been allocated varying amounts of money to support research in all different fields of studies.

For the latest information regarding Recovery Act grant announcements please visit their website at then click on ‘Recovery Act Opportunities’ which provides a listing of every agency’s recovery act website.

and good luck!

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  1. Sue Powell
    Sue Powell says:

    My son and daughter are students at a local university. Their student loans subsidized and unsubsidized are really adding up. Is there anyway that they would qualify for any stimulus funds that would help them out?

    • Jennifer Brundage
      Jennifer Brundage says:

      I can imagine how difficult those student loans are in this economic climate. Unfortunately, we know alot less about stimulus funding for individuals. As the Smithsonian Affiliations office manages relationships with museums nation-wide, we keep in touch with how museums in different states might qualify for stimulus funding, and link to relevant resources to find out. I would recommend that you check with the local university, or your local congressional representatives, to see if stimulus funding is available for individuals like your children. Good luck!
      Jennifer Brundage, National Outreach Manager, Smithsonian Affiliations

  2. Jose Ganutan
    Jose Ganutan says:

    I am asking to send information on what to qualify for. Due to the stimulus grant passed. I am a student to a junior college. transfering to a University next semester. I was wondering what would it take to get a grant to futher extend my research in my career choice in schooling?

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