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Be the first to host these new interdisciplinary exhibitions from SITES: 

X-ray Vision:  Fish Inside Out

an image from X-ray Vision: Fish Inside Out

an image from X-ray Vision

 Go Fish! 

Hook visitors of all ages with a show that celebrates the perfect marriage of art and science with spectacular, one-of-a-kind x-radiographs–X-ray Vision: Fish Inside Out {formerly titled Ichthyo}. 

Laid out in evolutionary sequence, the exhibition’s startlingly beautiful digital x-rays deepen our scientific understanding of the incredible diversity of fishes. With over 40 framed photographs, X-ray Vision reveals how the study of fish skeletons, fin spines, and teeth help scientists tell one species from another and understand evolutionary development.  A full color picture of the specimen is featured on every label.  Created using the latest digital x-ray technology, the delicacy and exquisite detail of the images tell these sea creatures’ wondrous secrets.  Tour begins August 2010.    


Remembered Light:  Glass Fragments from World War II

a work by Joseph Distefano in Remembered Light

a work by Joseph Distefano in Remembered Light

In 1944 and 1945, Army chaplain Frederick A. McDonald visited more than two dozen churches and synagogues destroyed by war and collected broken pieces of stained glass from their ruins.  For 55 years, McDonald dreamed of creating a memorial window as a symbol of survival, hope and peace from the broken glass.  In 1998, he shared the story of the stained glass remnants with friends and the McDonald Windows project was born.  Over the course of eight years, 25 windows were created by stained glass artists from all over the world.  Using a broad range of artistic interpretation and incorporating the colorful shards, each window is inspired by McDonald’s powerful stories and personal reflections on the lessons of war.


Remembered Light includes 25 remarkable glass art installations, several mural-size photographs, text panels, and engaging graphic elements.  Together, they create a vivid monument to preserving memory and celebrating peace.  Tour begins October 2011.


Long May She Wave:  A Graphic History of the American Flag

Noted graphic designer and collector Kit Hinrichs’ childhood show-and-tell of his family’s Civil War-era thirty-six star flag sparked his lifelong fascination with the Stars and Stripes.  Over the last 40 years, Hinrichs has amassed more than 5,000 flag-related objects- from quilts and clothes to posters and political pins, Native American beadwork, and, of course, historic flags. 


Long May She Wave, featuring selections of Hinrichs’ collection, will provide visitors with a thoughtful reexamination of the flag- not just as a symbol of pride, but also as a successful, high-impact graphic element used by artists, corporations, and activists to publicize their products and views.  From whimsical wind-up toys to serious protest art and political propaganda, the hundreds of flag-embellished artifacts shed light on social milieus of the time, reminding viewers that even familiar symbols can have deeper meaning.  An art exhibition for history lovers, Long May She Wave is a brilliant visual journey through our patriotic past.  Tour begins June 2012.

And don’t forget about SITES’ Community Grant Program, offering funding for public programs to accompany SITES’ exhibitions.  Deadlines have recently changed;  proposals are now due on the first day of May and November.