Women’s History Month

It’s March, and spring is finally upon us.  And so is Women’s History Month.  You go girl!


Heritage Months are a big deal at the Smithsonian, and now, the offices devoted to national outreach are getting into the game as well.  For each of the five months celebrated by the Smithsonian (Hispanic Heritage, Native American, Black & Women’s History, and Asian Pacific American), the offices of Smithsonian Affiliations, Associates, Education and SITES are publishing lists of germane heritage month events around the country.

Where can you find these listings?  Smithsonian Magazine is a great source – check out what they did for the ‘Around the Country’ section of their Black History Month celebration.  This site will be updated each heritage month with the appropriate affiliates, SITES shows, and programming.  SITES also does their own highlight of heritage months in their ‘What’s New’ section.  Finally, SI Education has a website devoted to heritage month programming at the Smithsonian, and we’re working to incorporate national events here too.

What does this mean for you, as an Affiliate?  If you have particular events, programs, or exhibitions that you would like highlighted during a heritage month, please email them to your coordinator for inclusion in the listing.  Our office compiles information about Affiliate activity approximately two weeks prior to the start of a heritage month for all appropriate contacts, so let us hear from you!  We’ll be sending submissions for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by March 14.