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new reading list from Smithsonian Books

Do any of these topics sound interesting to you?

– the story of the Mars Rover and the persistence, dedication, and unrelenting curiosity that led to its successful trip  

– The history of promises, diplomacy, and betrayals involved in treaties between the United States government and Native Nations

– The tales of politics, genealogy, economics, disaster, and triumph that are told through stamps

– Iconic fossil specimens that illustrate the evolution of life on Earth


One of the new books (and exhibitions) coming from the Smithsonian this fall.

If so, take a look at Smithsonian Books new seasonal catalogs for these and more ideas for public programs. In the course of this year, Smithsonian Affiliates have hosted over two dozen curators, scientists, folklorists and other Smithsonian experts talking about their research or new publications through lectures, workshops and family days at Affiliate sites. Hosting a talk and signing around a new publication is a straightforward, informative and timely way to bring the Smithsonian to your neighborhood.

In their online publication catalog, Smithsonian Books shares information on the content of each book and brief biographies of each author. Smithsonian Affiliations staff can help give feedback and context, and put you in touch with possible speakers and additional related content such as online educational resources or exhibitions.

Consider it your syllabus for the fall and spring! And don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Spotlighting iconic specimens from Smithsonian collections