SITES’ Quarterly Corner, August 2010

SITES' Hatch Show Print poster

We hate to bring it up, but with August upon us, summer will be over before you know it.  If you hosted a SITES exhibition this summer, we hope it exceeded your expectations, and we encourage you to begin planning for next summer NOW!  Summer is an ideal time to attract new or infrequent visitors such as students on summer break, camp groups, families looking for educational outings, seasonal residents and tourists.  And as host of a SITES exhibition, you’re sure to see an increase in community interest and support, great press coverage and opportunities for fantastic exhibit-related programs.  Here’s some exciting options for summer 2011 and beyond:

American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print
Whether an archived classic or a cutting-edge advertisement, a poster crafted by Nashville’s Hatch Show Print is a work of art steeped in the traditions of American graphic design that embraces both low and high art.
Available: 5/28/11 – 8/7/11

Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Photo credit: MOSI, Chicago

Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes
Beyond features breathtaking, large-scale photographs of planets, moons and satellites in our solar system, from its inner rings to its outer reaches, collected during 40 years of robotic space missions.
Available 7/23/11 – 9/18/11

Always on the march, these army ants (Eciton burchellii) make temporary encampments for their roaming armies of up to 700,000 workers. They link their bodies together in chains and walls.

Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants
Learn about the amazingly human-like behaviors of ants in this fun and informative exhibition featuring large-scale macro photographs by noted entomologist Dr. Mark Moffett, a cast of an ant nest, and a touchable ant model.
Available 7/30/11 – 10/9/11

Skateboarder Blake Nelson shows off his high flying moves. (Photo credit: The Nelson Family)

Ramp It Up!  Skateboard Culture in Native America
Ramp It Up reveals the rich underground world and historical legacy of skateboarding in Native America, which combines demanding physical exertion with design, graphic art, filmmaking, and music. 
Available 7/14/12 – 9/9/12

by William H. Johnson

William H. Johnson: An American Modern
This exhibition of 20 original expressionist and vernacular landscapes, still life paintings, and portraits explores the intricate layers of Johnson’s diverse cultural perspective as an artist whose prolific career spanned decades, continents and genres.
Available 7/21/12 – 10/14/12


And if you can’t wait until next summer, these exhibitions are available immediately:

American Letterpress: The Art of the Hatch Show Print (available 11/27/10 – 2/6/11 and 2/26/11 – 5/8/11)

Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes (available 12/4/10 – 1/30/11)