Rainforest survival

STRI caterpillar  On Monday, January 12, the Smithsonian will be hosting some of the world’s leading scientists to discuss and debate the differing perspectives on the changes in tropical landscapes, and their impacts.  The event will be webcast live from 1 – 6:30pm – at www.si.edu/tec.   

The symposium’s 8 specialists will discuss topics related to tropical extinction including deforestation, climate change, values and threats to tropical nature reserves, and possible conservation actions.  Hope you can join!


  • ·         Joseph L. Wright,  Staff scientist,  Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
  • ·         William Laurance,  Staff scientist,  Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
  • ·         Gregory Asner,  Staff scientist,  Carnegie Institution
  • ·         Elizabeth Bennett,  Director, Hunting and Wildlife Trade Program,  Wildlife Conservation Society
  • ·         Robin Chazdon,  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology professor,  University of Connecticut
  • ·         Thomas Rudel,  Human Ecology and Sociology professor,  Rutgers University
  • ·         Claudio Valladares-Padua,  Conservation scientist,  Wildlife Trust Alliance
  •              Nigel Stork, Head,  Resource Management & Geography Dept., University of Melbourne  

Introductions will be made by Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough and panel discussions will be moderated by Cristián Samper, director of the National Museum of Natural History.