Interview with Brent Glass


Dr. Brent Glass, Director of the National Museum of American History, updates Affiliates on the renovation of the Museum, new features and exhibitions to be unveiled at their reopening later this year, and what it was like to be on the Colbert Report.  Check out the timeline below (or read the transcript).  Click here to access the video (you’ll need quicktime.  and don’t worry – it takes a few seconds to load).  Thanks Brent!

@ 18 seconds: Welcome to Affiliates
@ 38 seconds:
Discussion of renovation and architectural changes
@ 1:41: Pr
eview of the new Star-Spangled Banner gallery
@ 3:23: Exhibitions in the works for the renovated Museum
@ 4:44: What will Affiliates see this summer on the hard hat tour?
@ 5:30: What was it like being on the Colbert Report?!
@ 6:30: Final thoughts for Affiliates