Happy new year!

Happy 2008!  We look forward to a year full of collaboration and many successes!  Among some of our earliest ones:

Congratulations to our newest Affiliates –

The Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FL   https://www.mennellomuseum.org/
Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL  https://www.thephil.org/museum/museum.html
Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR  https://www.historicarkansas.org/

Finance Museum     Finance Museum  
Kudos and congratulations ! to the Museum of American Finance on the opening of their new building and exhibitions at 48 Wall Street in New York City.  Roughly 10 times bigger than their former space, the new building is located in the stunning former headquarters of the Bank of New York – founded by Alexander Hamilton – and located a block away from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Smithsonian’s American History Museum director Brent Glass spoke at the opening of the Museum on January 10, praising their exhibits on various markets (pork bellies anyone?!), different types of currency (including early beaver pelts!), entrepreneurs (like jetBlue founder David Neeleman), and financial history (like a piece of ticker tape from the crash of 1929).  The Museum has also installed a “teaching ticker” to demystify that perpetual scroll of symbols, and other devices designed to enhance financial literacy for visitors of all ages.  Read more about the Museum in this Reuters article.

According to the exhibition’s designers and Museum staff, the cacophony of the exhibits is deliberate, to capture the sense of buzz and energy that personifies Wall Street and the floor of the Exchange.  And that it does.  Well done!!!