Smithsonian Science Education Center

The Smithsonian Science Education Center’s mission is to transform and improve the learning and teaching of science for preK-8 students. We are dedicated to the establishment of effective science programs for all students. To contribute to that goal, the SSEC builds awareness for P-12 science education reform among state and district leaders, conducts programs that support the professional growth of P-12 teachers and school leaders, and engages in research and curriculum development to help transform the teaching and learning of science in the United States and throughout the world.

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Any of the games and simulations from the SSEC Game Center page are freely available and aligned to Next Generation Science Standards or UN Sustainable Development Goals. All are playable on web, downloadable on mobile devices, or both.

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Interactive Developer

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Pick Your Plate! A Global Guide to Nutrition is an educational nutrition game that will help teach students about building healthy meals while using nutritional guidelines from countries around the world!