Access Smithsonian

Access Smithsonian is a catalyst for consistent and integrated inclusive design that provides meaningful access to the Smithsonian Institution museums and content for visitors with disabilities.

How can Affiliates collaborate with Access Smithsonian


A student discusses an art work with a museum professional

A student discusses an artwork during Mornings at the Museum, a program of Access Smithsonian.

Mornings at the Museum – for families to practice going to a museum or cultural organization that respects sensory processing and cognitive difference across the spectrum. Watch the introductory video to learn more.

See Me at the Museum – for adults with dementia and their care providers to dialogue, share observations, and socialize with loved ones.

Project SEARCH – a 10-month internship for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn marketable job skills.


An intern works with her supervisor at the Smithsonian

Access Smithsonian recruited this Project SEARCH intern, recently hired by the Smithsonian

Smithsonian’s Accessible-Design-Guidelines.pdf, including a checklist for accessible visitor information desks

Best practices for Inclusive-Digital-Interactives.pdf, a collaborative research report by the Smithsonian, Institute for Human Centered Design, and MuseWeb

Smithsonian’s guidelines for Accessible-Exhibition-Design.pdf

The Smithsonian’s general accessibility standards, including legislation and  regulations

Ashley’s excited to talk about –

  • Smithsonian Access programming that could be adapted to Affiliate sites
  • Tips and videos related to best practice in museum accessibility
  • Brainstorming ways to improve accessibility practice and design as organizations reopen (this NPR interview contains some powerful thoughts)
  • Helping Affiliate staff to network with advisors and experts to catalyze initiatives and/or task forces in your community

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