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Greenville, South Carolina

Founded in 1983, the Upcountry History Museum connects people, history and culture. Through its collections, programs and exhibitions, the Museum preserves and interprets the history of the Upcountry South Carolina State, while bringing quality museum offerings from around the world to the Upcountry to encourage people to discover the world and the Upcountry's role in it. Located at Heritage Green in downtown Greenvile, the Museum offers a unique opportunity to meld historical scholarship, educational goals, and memorable experiences to empower the public to understand the value of their stories, forge their individual and group identities, and consider the world from different perspectives. A destination of wonder and discovery, the Museum is a place of exploration which forms a lasting connection with the people who walk through its doors or explore online - relevant to all, regardless of age, background, interest or physical ability. The Museum views access to its research, collections, exhibitions, programs and services as one of its primary and defining responsibilities.