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Photo courtesy of Greensboro History Museum
/ Lynn Donovan Photography

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Is the Smithsonian in your neighborhood?

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Photo courtesy of
Greensboro History Museum
/ Lynn Donovan Photography

Impacting the Affiliate Community

See the impact of a Smithsonian exhibition in an Affiliate community as staff from the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle, Washington, describe the exhibition Life in Once Cubic Foot.

2022 Affiliations Virtual Conference

This year our conference focuses on thinking beyond pandemic pivoting, to having conversations about how we are not only being responsive to the moment we are in, but how we are continuing to innovate and continuing to develop and sustain new ways of working. Join us for Disruption and Transformation, our theme of the 2022 Virtual Conference, October 25-27.

Learn How to Become a Smithsonian Affiliate

Considering an affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution? Core to our work is catalyzing public engagement, sparking curiosity and learning, and ultimately inspiring a deeper understanding of our world. Get to know Smithsonian Affiliations, what it means to be an engaged Affiliate, and the process for applying on our Learning Excursion pages.

Fostering Essential Community Conversations

At this watershed moment in American history, museums are finding a wide spectrum of ways to address injustice with their communities, and facilitate the difficult but essential dialogue that is necessary. Find resources from the Smithsonian and our Affiliates to help catalyze these conversations in your community.

Smithsonian Voices Blog

Featured Affiliate stories on the Smithsonian Voices blogLearn more about submitting story ideas here.

“Our Smithsonian Affiliation has enriched our entire community in wonderful, varied, and surprising ways. Smithsonian treasures, the expertise of noted Smithsonian scholars, and partnerships that have engaged a cross-section of our county have provided profoundly memorable experiences for those we serve. This important relationship is a point of pride for all of us.”

“It’s simply awesome to be an Affiliate and bring Smithsonian innovation to the nation’s heartland. Our recently opened Cherish Nebraska renovation was directly inspired by the National Museum of Natural History galleries, especially its Q?rius learning space. Next for us—high-impact Smithsonian education programs through the Lineage partnership, a cross-platform learning experience exploring the history of life on Earth.”

“Thanks to Smithsonian Affiliations we are able to bring special experiences to our community, like screenings of The Day We Walked on the Moon, a Smithsonian Channel film, and programs like Let’s Do History for area teachers. We are especially thankful for the role Smithsonian Affiliations has taken in the support of our current SITES exhibition American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith. The exhibition has inspired us so much we created a virtual reality game and reinterpreted the whole museum as part of our own Project Democracy 20/20.”