Earth Optimism Teen Video Competition - Affiliate Application for Funding

For a full description of the project, click here. With any further questions, please email Jennifer Brundage, National Outreach Manager,

  • This could include advisory groups, clubs, volunteers, programs, partnerships with high schools or community groups, etc.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals are explained here -

    Review the goals of the Earth Optimism Initiative here -

  • Please include ideas for programming as well as other partners or community groups that might be consulted to complete the project. How might you share the teens’ work with your broader community?
  • 1. Submit a final narrative report of up to three pages describing your project in detail. Student quotes and other anecdotes are highly encouraged.

    2. Provide at least five photographs from your work with teen audiences, including captions and credit lines. Ensure that each minor featured in the images is covered by a photo permission form, so that images can be repurposed by the Smithsonian.

    3. Submit statistical information on your program, including the number of students served as well as the range and types of schools and educational environments from which they came.

    4. Agree to join at least one online discussion with your students and the Smithsonian to share ideas, updates and to network.

    5. Follow Smithsonian Affiliations' guidance on social media and local press outreach about the collaboration, including recognition of the support of the Smithsonian Women's Committee.