Mobile App Clinic: post-webinar resources

Mobile App Clinic meeting

A few weeks ago on The Affiliate Blog we introduced you to our new Mobile App Clinic (read about it here). Well, yesterday’s Mobile App Clinic was a success! Thanks to Nancy Proctor for sharing her wisdom with us all. We hope you all learned something new, were inspired by what you heard, and are ready to continue the conversation. We’ve compiled some helpful resources below for those who weren’t able to join our webinar and for those who did and want to revisit some of the information. Thanks again to everyone involved in facilitating the discussion! 

Vidyo screenshot

Vidyo webinar!

Mobile App Clinic video 

Nancy Proctor’s PowerPoint presentation 

How to build the iPodTouch TAP Application – Content creation, standards, and delivery tools for museum mobile tours 

Were you satisfied with the webinar? We’re hoping to build more webinars like this into our benefits for Affiliates. Please contact Elizabeth Bugbee (, 202.633.5304) to let us know how we did, what you’d like to see more of, and any suggestions you may have to bring more programs like this to your neighborhood.