Lineage Outreach Opportunity

Nurture the budding paleontologists in your community while building capacity in your organization to offer new and engaging fossil-based experiences for the whole family. Through a National Science Foundation sub-award, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and Twin Cities Public Television are offering sub-awards to up to three Smithsonian Affiliates to enhance family programming in their communities and support professional development on science content and informal learning techniques.

Organizations participating in the program will receive three (3) fossil-based activities. All participants will receive Whale Evolution, and will select an additional two (2) activities. See all options here.

Learn more about the initiative and read the sub-award requirements here.

Applications due January 11, 2019.

Before submitting an application please read a transcription of the form to make sure you have gathered all the the information required. You cannot save and return once the application form is started. All uploaded material cannot be larger than 2MB per file.

A photo of the modern owl butterfly (Caligo Memnon) shown below a fossilized Kalligrammatid lacewing (Oregramma illecebrosa) shows some of the convergent features independently evolved by the two distantly-related insects, including wing eyespots and wing scales.

Credit: James Di Loreto / Smithsonian