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Welcome to SEEC, an early childhood demonstration school that places children at the center of every experience. The vast collections of the Smithsonian are the foundation for the culturally diverse curriculum, which offers a rare opportunity for learning.

SEEC has a longstanding relationship with the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS). Every year SEEC collaborates on a family day centering on one of the exhibits at CPNAS. This year the family day was canceled due to Covid, but the resources are still available to families and educators via a new website:

We offer programs and resources for educators and families. Take a look!

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Educator Workshops

Family Workshops

Lesson Plans

Learn with us virtually! Our educator workshops will be held online for the 2020 – 2021 school year. While our events will now be held digitally, our goal is to provide a participatory, engaging, and applicable learning experience comparable to those held in person. We look forward to connecting with you!

Educator Workshop information sheet.

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SEEC’s Family Workshops are going virtual this fall. While we may not be together in person, we will continue to build family communities via online workshop series. Our workshops combine the wonders of the Smithsonian online collection, early childhood best practice, and personal connections to foster children’s learning. We are excited to see you all again!

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Download lesson plans on the following topics:

  • Infants: Movement & Dance
  • Rainforest Lesson Plan
  • PreK-4 – Seeds: Germination & Dispersal
  • Artist George Seurat
  • What is a Bee?
  • Things that Fly