National Museum of African American History and Culture building

Let’s welcome the Smithsonian’s newest museum to the family

Scheduled to open on September 24, 2016, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will be the Smithsonian’s newest addition to its campus on the National Mall.  Activities to commemorate and welcome the new Museum are being planned around the Smithsonian, to include special events and exhibitions that celebrate the African American experience.  We’d like to get Affiliates in on the action too!

NMAAHC, November 2015.

NMAAHC, November 2015.

Is your organization planning anything special in September that might coincide with the celebration?  We’ve also been brainstorming additional ideas for Affiliates – could you host a speaker (even via webcast?), display African American objects from your collection, display a banner or postcard, help us blanket social media channels?  What other activities might be meaningful to your community that we can provide, or collaborate on, to make the opening of the Museum unforgettable?

Please send your ideas to and thank you in advance!