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Soldier delivering mail

Corporal Erica Lila, delivering mail to service members in Afghanistan, gives a package to Petty Officer First Class Boyd Lewis, 2010. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Corporal Eugenio Montanez

The USS Hornet-Sea, Air and Space Museum hosts the exhibition Mail Call, created by the National Postal Museum and organized for travel by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, in Alameda 8.4. 


The College Park Aviation Museum celebrates the 100th anniversary of airmail with a community day featuring staff from the National Postal Museum, in College Park 8.11. Matthew White, director of education at the Postal Museum answers questions and chats about airmail as a special guest bartender at the College Park Aviation Museum’s Windsock Arms Happy Hour, in College Park 8.15.


The Springfield Museums, in Springfield, hosts live virtual visits with the Smithsonian National Zoo during a series of Facebook Live talks as part of its Wild Wednesdays at the museums. Scientists and keepers from the National Zoo introduce a variety of animals and talk about the work they do in caring for and protecting them. 8.1.18 features orangutans; 8.8.18 features seals, 8.15.18 features elephants.


For the 150th anniversary of the discovery of anthracite, the National Museum of Industrial History will welcome Shari Stout, collections manager at the National Museum of American History for a talk about a photo collection commissioned by Frederic P. Dewey, the Smithsonian’s first mining curator, in Bethlehem 8.25.


Smithsonian Channel program

Wilt Chamberlain is perhaps the most dominant player in the history of the NBA. One night, he scored a remarkable 100 points, a feat that hasn’t been matched in half a century. But whatever happened to the ball that scored that 100th point? Follow sports host Lauren Gardner as she tries to find out. Then follow investigator Kevin Barrows on his journey to the Kentucky Derby Museum where he examines a trophy that could’ve been falsely identified.

The Carver Museum, part of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, closes its Smithsonian Spotlights on African American History with a screening of the Smithsonian Channel program Sports Detective: 100-Point Game Ball, in Austin 8.18.

Last Chance To See!

Things Come Apart at the South Florida Museum and Bishop Aquarium. Through more than 40 captivating photographs, videos and objects encased in acrylic, this traveling exhibition from SITES displays the complex parts that have spurred revolutions in product design and functionality across multiple industries and the staying power of classic designs, in Bradenton, Florida until 8.19.

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