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Affiliate Co-Branding Guidelines

Smithsonian Affiliates are the only group outside the Smithsonian that has permission to use special, co-branded Smithsonian logos. Affiliates are encouraged to take advantage of the logos and taglines provided in this area for use on marketing materials, brochures and signage. All use of these taglines and logos must be reviewed and approved by the Affiliations office.

Logos are available in several formats. Click here to download the Smithsonian Affiliate logo and for Smithsonian branding guidelines. Please note: Affiliates should only download the Smithsonian Affiliate logo. Smithsonian Affiliations is reserved for internal use only.

Additional special logos are available for the Smithsonian Affiliate Membership Program. Participating Affiliates may use the membership logo in lieu of the Smithsonian Affiliate logo on membership materials. The Smithsonian Affiliate and Smithsonian Affiliate Membership Program logos may not be used together.

Questions about Smithsonian logo use may be directed to Elizabeth Bugbee, Communications and Professional Development Manager, (202) 633-5304, BugbeeE@si.edu.

Documents to help guide you in communicating about your Affiliation:

Smithsonian Affiliate logo
Street sign with Affiliate logo