2020 Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference

The Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference is virtual in 2020! The new Virtual Conference Series will provide online professional development and networking opportunities for Affiliate and Smithsonian staff in September, October, and November 2020.

The Conference Series was developed in response to the moment we are in now, and as a platform to discuss and examine a series of timely and important questions:

  • How do we respond to the challenges of a global pandemic, racial injustice, and political divisiveness in ways that enable our visitors to take productive action—and help our nation to live up to its founding ideals?
  • How can Affiliates and the Smithsonian collaborate in doing this work to ensure greater reach, greater relevance, and profound impact?
  • What does it mean to be a national museum in this moment?

Through the lens of topic areas such as PK-12 Education, Digital First, Amplifying Voices and Network Building, the Virtual Conference Series aims to spark ideas that lead to Smithsonian/Affiliate collaborations which reach new and greater audiences, help audiences to better understand the world around them, and empower them to make positive and lasting change in their communities.

Virtual Conference Dates

September 23-24, 2020
October 7-8, 2020
October 21-22, 2020
November 9-10, 2020

What time:
1:00 PM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time (Note: Affinity Group Networking events will end at 6:30 p.m.)

Sessions, Workshops, Affinity Groups will be on Zoom
Virtual Resource Fair will be hosted on the Affiliations website.

Questions or comments? Please email affiliates@si.edu.

2020 virtual banner

Registration Info

For the final block of our 2020 Virtual Conference Series, November 9-10, you have the option of purchasing all sessions in the block (Full Session Block package) or selecting individual sessions, workshops, and/or affinity groups to join.

Full Session Block: Access to everything on Monday and Tuesday:  Idea starter sessions, regular sessions, workshops and affinity networking groups. In addition, only those with this registration may visit the Virtual Resource Fair. Affiliate Executive leadership meetings are also included in this package, however these meetings can also be selected individually (for Affiliate executive leadership only).

  • Affiliate:  $50
  • SITES Exhibitor:  $50
  • Smithsonian Staff:  FREE
  • Speaker – $50 (NOTE: If you are a speaker and only participating in your session, registration is waived. All other session fees apply if you are interested in any other sessions, groups, or workshops.)

A la carte options: Please note: The Virtual Resource Fair is only available to those purchasing the full session block. 

Single Session: $15 each
Workshop: $15 each
Affinity Group: FREE

Affiliate Executive Leadership Meetings: Complimentary. Exclusively for Affiliate Executive Leadership.

The Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference is for current Smithsonian Affiliates, Smithsonian staff members, and SITES Exhibitors only. If you are interested in learning more about a Smithsonian Affiliation, please contact us.